Polera aluminium. Allt om hur man högglanspolerar aluminium.

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January 27th, 2008 by admin

I have created a Facebook Group in two sections. One International and one Swedish. The Group is here: Facebook Polishing Group

Step 15. Yessss! Finally its time to polish! Here i have put a couple of layers of tape on the vice to protect the surface:
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Step 16. I have put a buffing wheel on the drill and i have a quite finegrained polishing compound (vax). I use the electric drill awhile, degrease the pipe before i put on a new buffing wheel and use the final wax compound with very very fine grain for finalising and getting that mirrorshine. Always use separate buffing wheels to each grain!

Step 17. After a couple of minutes with the fist compound. I wear a red fleecejacket and blue jeans.. =)

Step 18. 5 minutes later:
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Step 19. Almost done! Here i use the very fine white waxpowder for a final shine:

Step 20. After all hard work its done! I degrease and apply Sonax hardwax to protect the surface:

Put that part to your collection, grab a beer and then grind the living crap ut of the next unshiny part you can find =)
zooloo aluminium polering

I have created a Facebook Group in two sections. One International and one Swedish. The Group is here: Facebook Polishing Group

Maintaining the surface shiny!

I get lots of questions about how to keep the polished part shiny. The environment surrounding the engine will sooner or later make the polished aluminum to oxidate and get dirty. I can only give advice from my own experience and i have chosen to not paint my parts with clear coat. The reason is that a shiny surface is real easy to clean, think about it.

Say that you would by accident pour panit on a mirror and a piece of concrete, of course the mirror allows the least grip and will be much easier to clean! Once aluminum i shiny it will be quite easy keeping it that way. Using products like Autosol or Meguiars “All metal polysh” and a towel, it does not take that much time to keep your parts shiny. If you do it often it will be easy! To preserve your part then use an ordinary wax i.e. Sonax liquid hardwax or any product like that.

Dirt wont stick that easy and if it does its really simple to wipe off with a towel. Keeping the parts polished and waxed you will have a nice enginebay to enjoy! If you decide that you want clearcoat on your parts keep in mind that one must be very carefull when putting all parts in place. A small crack in the cleacoat will grow and allow water, dirt and other liquids to at some point destroy the painted part.Then you have to remove it, remove all paint, polish your part and then paint it again. I wont say clearcoat is a no-no, but it didnt work that well for me.

I drove 90 swedish miles in rain, with my scoop and hoodvents that really helps water getting in, and i was surprised that my parts didnt look like crap after that trip! This picure is taken when i´ve used my car for about two weeks without after i put it togeather, ok its some dirt and grease, but it does not look that bad.

under my hood

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I hope you found this guide usefull. Feel free to give comments in english here.
Thank you for visiting my guide, i will continue to make it better! Good luck!

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  1. Al Foley

    Great article and photo’s. polishing my motorcycle cases and other things ,this was helpful.thanks again

  2. Thu Beav

    Wow. Excellent result. You are the Polishing Man. I am a dentist and I know shiny. That is X Sell NT.

  3. Dan

    great guide, looking forward to trying it out myself.

  4. adam

    This is a fantastic guide!! im going to try it tomorrow! i never thought it was so easy! Thanks!!!!!

  5. Raymond

    Fantastic guide, and great pictures too. Not a lot of guides cover the maintenance part so I’m glad you did.

  6. Dave

    Really excellent, thank you. I want to polish bicycle parts,seat posts, headsets, pumps etc. Maybe a little simpler than having to do all those fins on a motorcycle…
    Now I know where I have been going wrong. So maybe the next stem or seatpost will be excellent.

    Thank you Sir,

  7. Bob

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  8. sarge

    great guide,im book marking this page 😉

  9. r0dman

    Thanks mate, Going to do this with my bicycle cranks now!

  10. Michael

    Excellent article. The pictures tell a 1000 words.
    I am at the moment restoring a 1982 BMW 735IA series E23 and have been looking for how to polish car bits on the internet. I chance to come across your article and now I know what to do.
    Thanks a heap..

  11. Josef


    Undrar om du har synpunkter på klarlackering av polerade aluminiumbitar. Min motorcykel måste tyvärr stå ute året runt och jag ser att det far illa, men vill gärna se att det ser så snyggt ut som möjligt.

    Vänliga hälsningar
    Josef, Göteborg

  12. Mark

    I was searching for aluminum polishing info and found this site. Great information. Does anyone know if it’s possible to chemically polish or electropolish aluminum castings?

  13. Shashank Parab

    This is Amazing ! I’m trying to rejuvenate my Motorbike’s headlight reflector by applying aluminum foil and buffing. This article helps me a lot ..

  14. Basse

    Great guide, I’ve learned alot !

    Thanks !

  15. Dave

    Superb Job.

  16. Stray

    Very impressive. I’m sanding an entire motorcycle by hand and it’s taken too long (over two weeks). I should have used your methods instead. Well done.

  17. Trevin

    Hey man, this gives us all wannabe polishers hope! Just wanted know at what rpm (revolutions per minute) your drill was working. I am working on my engine (jaguar E-type) and I thought I sanded pretty well, but the end result is very disappointing. Its a very hazy/misty finish with no brilliant shine. Assuming my sanding job was good enough I was wondering whether my drill was not turning fast enough. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks. Trevin

  18. David Maconochie

    Regarding polishing old British M/C and car castings, I have tried this a few time. I suspect the quality of the aluminium is not very pure, the surface even after lots of sanding and polishing contains a veining that is more than skin deep.

    I have a friend who restores pre-war motorcycles (that is pre WW1), before he can work on castings he has to bake them for 24 hours to sweat the oils out of all the little pores in the aluminium.

  19. scott

    Good job there , busy doing the wheels on my XJS just now and was checking I was doing it right . well done , hopefully my work will shine as well .

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  21. GEOFF

    Fantastic! Simple to follow and a logical conclusion. I wold never have dreamed that the original casting could be polished at home using basic tools. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. jakob

    Best guide i´ve ever se´en. Thank you.

  23. jason

    that guide was exactly what i was looking for,and that engine bay looks awesome im doing my motorbike frame and hope it looks half as good thanks

  24. Hiway-Star

    I have been polishing aluminum for 30 years. You have mastered the skill. Very nice job on your car. You Swedes must be known for patience… :)

  25. admin

    Thank you sir! :)

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